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Philadelphia: Protesters confront Gov. Corbett and Fraternal Order of Police Nazis over muzzling of prisoners’ speech, October 21, 2014.

Protesters got up close and in the face of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett as he signed the “Revictimization Relief Act” into law in an attempt to silence political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal and other prisoners.

Photos by Joe Piette

1. When your SUV pulled up alongside Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson as they were walking along Canfield Drive, did you tell them to “get the fuck on the sidewalk?”

2. When you pulled away from Brown and Johnson on Canfield Drive, why exactly did you decide to put your SUV in reverse to confront them again? Your chief says you did not know about the earlier convenience store incident where it is alleged Mike Brown stole some cigars. Was it to express your anger that they didn’t obey your earlier command to “get the fuck on the sidewalk?”

3. Four eyewitnesses report seeing and hearing your tires screech as you violently put your SUV in reverse on Canfield Drive, nearly hitting Brown and Johnson. Why did you reverse in such a reckless and provocative manner?

4. When you arrived back at where Brown and Johnson stood, if you did not know about the store incident, why exactly did you open your door to confront them? Did you intend to arrest them for jaywalking?

5. Precisely how far away was your door from Brown and Johnson when you flung it open?

6. Did you believe Brown or Johnson were armed at any point during your confrontation?

7. Reports have surfaced that you told federal investigators that you were repeatedly punched and scratched by Brown through your SUV window. Why did you not see the medic who arrived on the crime scene? Why do no photos or videos or eyewitness reports from the scene have evidence of even a shadow of an injury, or you touching or favoring any injury?

8. It’s been reported that you claim that Brown “went for, or lunged for,” your gun. Was this when the gun was within inches of his face before you fired two shots at him through your window and hit him with one?

9. After you shot Brown through your window, he fled over 100 feet away from your SUV. Did you still feel threatened while you chased him down Canfield Drive with your gun drawn and firing, according to witnesses, at least six shots?

10. Six eyewitnesses saw you fire multiple shots at the back of Brown while he fled down Canfield Drive. Was it your intention to arrest or kill him with those shots?

11. When you fired your eighth shot of the day, four eyewitnesses said they saw Brown’s body jerk before he turned around to surrender to you. Did you believe you hit him again, for the second time, with your eighth shot?

12. Six eyewitnesses say that they saw Brown turn around and physically and verbally surrender to you. How did you interpret those actions?

13. Before you fired the two fatal shots into Brown’s eye and the crown of his head, as he was falling down, you had shot him a total of four times already. Did you still believe him to be a threat to you at that point?

14. No record exists of you ever radioing in for backup or support at any time. Did you use your cell phone to call for backup? Who else did you call and why?

15. Who first told you not to create a report after you shot and killed Brown, and what reason did they give you for such a request?

There is something strange about the way I have been feeling lately. I could go to church or the kingdom hall, but I do not think religion is my issue. Or its possible it may be. I need to take my friend from high school up on her invitation to the mosque she attends.  

I also thought it could be the whole stressed at 30 thing, but even that feels like the wrong conclusion.

 Or it could just be this damn move. From CO to CA and its taken a little longer to get adjusted than we thought. And this place is expensive. Not really the cost of living, but the 9%+ sales tax on things. Raw fruits and vegetables seem more, canned veggies, frozen spring rolls, beans, quick oats in a barrel from Sprouts. Everything seems more and we haven’t even done any clothes shopping out here yet.

I hate this strange feeling. Ill reach out to the ancestors to see whats up. 




god, white women give me acute stomach pains 

coping manuals for white girls that ain’t shit.




god, white women give me acute stomach pains 

coping manuals for white girls that ain’t shit.






This is just a reminder that a lot of our natural hair products and lines are owned by white companies and they really don’t care about us, so buy black, it actually goes back into our community!

Black owned:

Non black:

  • African pride 
  • Soft& Beautiful Botanicals
  • Care free curl
  • Dark and lovely Au naturale
  • Motions naturally you
  • Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care
  • Sof n’ Free Gro Healthy Nothing But
  • ORS curls unleashed (Organic root stimulator)
  • Pantene truly natural
  • Naturally Silk Elements

There are so many more that can be added to each list. Bottom line, help black business. And an added bonus to helping our community out is a lot of the lines are more natural or Vegan. 

More black owned natural hair additions, cus why not?

More non-black owned

Support black business!

Carol’s daughter is no longer black owned??


A lot of shit makes sense now.

This is actually very good to know

For all my naturals!

Demonstrations in Ferguson drew people from all over the country and riveted the attention of millions.

The next critical step is on October 22: protests to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation
POWERFUL protests ofTHOUSANDS on October 22 can further radically change how people think about what is just and unjust, what is legitimate and illegitimate, what is tolerable and what must not be tolerated in relation to this continual and horrific racist police abuse and murder… 


Happy Africa day part 2 (African Queens)

1. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt

2. Queen Yaa Asantewaa of Ashanti (Ghana)

3. Makeda (Queen of Sheba) from Ethiopia

4. Queen Nzinga of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms of Mbundu (Angola)

5. Queen Nandi of Zulu (South Africa)

6. Queen Amina of Zaria (Nigeria)

7. Queen Tiye of Egypt

8. Empress Menen of Ethiopia

9. Queen Mbuya (Grandmother) Nehanda of Zimbabwe

10. Queen Hatshepsut of Eygpt- The first woman in recorded history to preside over a nation




Bonita Applebum - Bryant|DIGITAL Photography


anyone else start singing when you saw the pics?

just me?




This man has a name.  His name is Frank Embree.

He was falsely accused of raping a 14-year-old white girl.

Embree maintained his innocence but confessed after receiving over 100 lashes.

With tears pouring down his face, he agreed to own up to the charges if the police agreed not to torture him any further.

He was castrated, skinned (front and back), lynched and burned alive in front of a cheering crowd on July 23, 1889.

Never Forget.

If you are American this is your history, don’t ignore it. Make sure that you make up for it by changing America today.







I read that Senegal has also been declared Ebola free. This makes me so happy.



forever reblog.




forever reblog.



Easy Shea Butter Mix

This is my recipe for a really simple, no whipping needed, shea butter mix. I don’t think it really matters what oils are used, these are just what I am using at the moment.

Depending on how thick you want it, you can change up the proportions, using more shea butter for a thicker mixture. 


Came across this story in a podcast from Radiolab. Extremely interesting play between politics, war and law. So crazy to look back and think about the direction the U.S. has taken since Sept 11th.

The story features Congresswoman Barbara Lee, a Black woman and the ONLY representative to vote against AUMF. She received thousands of letters of hate mail  and death threats for her vote…. but now, with there literally being no end to the “war on terror”, you really must admire her intelligence and courage.

The longest war in U.S. history… it will certainly go beyond Obama’s presidency. How will it end? How can it end?